Diagnostic Services



We are proud to offer digital radiology which provides an unlimited number of high quality images within seconds to patients of all species. Our veterinarians are able to deliver radiographic interpretations and readings. We are also able to send radiographs to a radiology specialist for interpretation in any complicated situations. 


Ultrasound is an imaging technique which is used to investigate soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and internal organs.  It is most commonly used for evaluating the reproductive organs and in the diagnosis of joint, ligament and tendon injuries.  Common ultrasound procedures may include:

  • reproductive breeding examinations in all species (confirmation of stage of cycle, health of reproductive organs, pregnancy )
  • tendon and ligament injuries
  • masses (abscesses, tumours, puncture wounds, foreign bodies)



Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which uses a video camera to image the patient’s airways or internal organs, allowing us to identify problems, take diagnostic samples and perform therapeutic procedures.  Ideally these procedure are performed at Prescott Animal Hospital Large Animal Surgery & Medical Referral Centre.                                                    

Laboratory Services

We are equipped with an in-house laboratory and have the ability to perform complete analysis of blood samples from all species via our comprehensive blood analyzers.   Our partnership with the Animal Health Laboratory allows us to offer comprehensive diagnostic testing.